January 2, 2016

Indoor Recess Survival - Snowflake FUN!

The last week we switched things up. Our grade level took a break from our regularly scheduled basal series programming. Enter some good, old fashioned fun. Do you remember making these?
Due to recent cold weather we've already had several rounds of indoor recess. I anticipate this winter providing us lots of opportunities to spend more time cooped up together.
These last few days have been fun though. Picture a group of cuties actively engaged and digging in the recycling bin. Now picture those same kids using scissors to create hundreds of paper snowflakes, talking, laughing and genuinely excited about something they just created. Who know introducing the concept of making a paper snowflake (some of them had never done it!) would be a great solution to being trapped inside? They have plastered our windows with snowflakes such as these beauties. I had to get more tape....
Boys and girls alike love to make them. They  don't realize they are honing their fine motor skills and witnessing the concept of symmetry in action! So festive and, like real snowflakes, each one is unique. The best part is kids of all abilities can be creative and successful. There is no right or wrong way. I choose not to get anxious about the daily snowstorm on the floor....it really is a choice.
This coming winter looks like a doozy for us and want to pass along some free and fun indoor recess activities. Looking for some other great indoor recess ideas? Click here.

BTW, I introduced the concept of creating paper snowflakes to support the writing project we just completed. I'll be blogging about it, but in the meantime, check it out here. Based on their own creations, they produced some amazing how to writing.

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