December 11, 2015

Christmas Scoot FREEBIE for you!

Just a week and a half left before those kids are loose again.... They're getting antsy, but I'm not letting up. There is still lots of learning to be done prior to that crazy last carpool of 2015. But I promise we'll have fun on that last day. A movie, pajamas, apple cider and a party.
Born from the need to offer active, fun (and slightly educational) games during Christmas parties over the hills and through the woods, I created and just posted a FREEBIE for you. Click here to get the FREE Christmas Scoot game for your room.
Expect singing, call and response, movements and some academic stuff in there too. Plus some laughing. Oh yeah, don't forget some laughing.
Check out my store for a FREE How to Play Scoot download and a host of academic Scoot! games as well.
Immigration Scoot!
Pioneer Oregon Trail Scoot!
Civil War Scoot!
My kids are hooked.

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