September 11, 2016

Books about India for your Elementary Classroom

A quick look at four books I love when sharing India with elementary students. Not only do these texts share facts and information, they are ideal for teaching literacy concepts in context. All four are good for quick mini lessons!
Look What Came from India
Kids will be familiar with many of the items. Great for making text to self and text to world connections. Also ideal recognizing and discussing text features.
I is for India
Beautiful photographs, many featuring elementary age children. Great for reinforcing main idea and key details.
Ruler of the Courtyard
This realistic fiction includes great word choice and is a good review of story elements. It also integrates nicely with identifying theme.
Same,Same but Different
A story told through pen pal letters, this books is great to highlight the letter writing format and ideal for compare and contrast.

Looking for more elementary lessons on India? Check out India's Taj Mahal - Reading Passage and How to Drawing. Looking for other ways to teach key skills in context? Grammar and Writing Mechanics in Context.
Note: I do not get any financial incentive to promote these books. I use them. I want to share them with you.

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