July 7, 2015

Currently 7-7-15

Listening to my cat snore. It's surprising how LOUD he is. Tail twitching, lip curling... there must something dramatic going on in that little brain.

Loving a cold, misty day. Unexpected and much appreciated. 

Thinking how the 4th of July can trigger so many bittersweet emotions. Is the summer have finished or half started? Hummm.... will need to ponder.

Wanting to finish the basement clean out. I did as much as I could handle in one day. Oh.... it felt good to get rid of all that JUNK. The issue now is that I ran out of steam to complete it.... must. complete. soon.

Thanks to DH for arranging a fun evening with food, music and friends. 

All Star Long Range Plans! New grade. New curriculum. New teammates. I love making LRPs!!! No kidding! Anyone else love  making 'em too?


  1. I'm so jealous you have cool weather in July! We don't have that luxury in Texas. ;) Loving how appreciative you are of your DH. So sweet.

  2. Cats are so adorable when they are curled up sleeping! I love watching my cats sleep. I would love to have their lives.....eat and sleep!
    July-------you are right once July 4 hits it seems like summer is over....I need some more time to rest. :-) Kristi Teaching Little Miracles


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